I am using Drupal 6, the front page is designed with Panels and therefore the divs cannot be changed. (i know, it's a mess)

you can visit the site at http://www.emeraldplanet.com.au

Problem i am having is the 2 boxes below the nav bar, these boxes (depending on the browser) loose position and change (see screenshots) i need to fix this soon as it looks very unprofessional (i moved the site from a windows propriety CMS to an open source one, did a good job except this small issue)

I have tried position:relative,absolute, float:left,right and use z-index on the a3c2d6a2d411d326588272df457a4532.css and style.css file.

The weird thing is in regards to Firefox, a few people have seen it out of position but when i use my pc, with the same version, it looks fine.

Anyone have any idea whats displacing these divs?

I am thinking with the firefox issue its something to do with the nav bar, as i think the contact link is pushed down forcing the div to separate and be pushed right.

So if someone can find a solution to the IE issue it would be soooooo appreciated.

alt text alt text

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actually I think i might have it (touch wood!)

<div class="panels-flexible-region panels-flexible-region-3-topright panels-flexible-region-last">

I added margin-right: -800px and position: relative

<div class="panels-flexible-region panels-flexible-region-3-topright panels-flexible-region-last">

I added position: absolute

another issue i had was the position within the slideshow content were marked as absolute and relative, i changed them to inherit.

now just need to tidy up some padding issues and its all good.

I have tested it with FireFox and IE8 + compat mode and everything seems to be working.

Answered about 9 years ago by Simon