Here's what I have so far:

<div class="announceBox">
        <p>Welcome to AlphaOT. The server has just launched today!</p>
        <p> We are a brand new 8.54 Tibia Server that's focused on giving players a great RPG experience. Battle 
        fierce dragons our many castles, rescue a local farmers daughter from a group of bandits and even 
        save the life of a runaway prince.</p>
        <p>Custom monsters, new vocations and a ton of story is all available for our player. Have fun!</p>         

width: 45em;
background-image: url('images/announcementBox.png');


The background color applies correctly, the width as well; but the image is nowhere to be seen. The name and location has been triple checked. Any suggestions?

I want the announceBox to have a background image.

  • From what I see here it should be working. Are you sure the path to the image is correct? Do you have a link to a live version of this? BPartch about 9 years ago
  • Try adding the full image path to the CSS and see if that works Mottie about 9 years ago

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Steve 25
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I would do

background: #fff url('images/a.png');

but that probably won't help, but shortens things.

A couple of guesses. I would try adding a height designation to the div. Perhaps it's not the relative directory, but /images/a.png?

Answered about 9 years ago by Steve
  • Turns out that I did have to add a "/" symbol before "images" and it worked perfectly. :) Sergio Tapia Gutierrez about 9 years ago