Hello! I'm currently preparing myself to design a hotel website and I was looking at the statistics of the current website and wondering what kind of doctype should I design on so that almost everyone is happy?

MSIE 61.3 %

  • Msie 8.0 49.7 %
  • Msie 7.0 7.6 %
  • Let's keep ourselfs sane and not care about earlier versions

Firefox 28.2 %

  • Most are 3.6, but everyone is 3.0+

Chrome 5 %

Safari 5 %

Based on this, what do you recommend? I heard HTML5 is nice but I also heard some horrible things because of IE...

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Ktash 1851
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<!doctype html>

This doctype gets you the most recent standards while being backward compatible. You can read more on it here.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Ktash