I'm working on a site and am actively looking for interesting ways to present thumbnails to users. I really like how Doctype displays its screenshots (curved with the small paperclip on top.

I would imagine that it is fairly straightforward to overlay the paperclip onto the source image, however what I don't exactly understand is how the image is so nicely curved.

Can anybody enlighten me? Is this a custom implementation or an existing image manipulation framework?

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Paul Farnell said:

To generate the initial screenshot of the page we use the same technology we built for Litmus. It renders the URL in a browser and captures a screenshot. This takes just a few seconds.

The resulting image is then passed through an ImageMagick to create the 3D effect. We use a command line Ruby script to control ImageMagick. Here's the script in its entirety:


Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
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