What I want to do is have an html form that will allow customers to submit a document (pdf or tif) along with some other form data and have it go to a website where an employee can login and retrieve the document. Ideally, it would also send an email notifying an employee of the submission. Does anybody know of a 3rd party solution? It does not need to be free, only cheaper than paying for web hosting.

Tools available on my current host: HTML/Javascript

Not available: Server-side scripting

(I am working on a website for a local branch of a national corporation. The corporation provides a website building tool that essentially lets me edit the HTML inside a div-tag, but the header, footer, and nav-menus are outside of my control, nor do I have access directly to the file system.)

  • Google Docs does not work for me as I need to allow uploads with the user logging in. SendSpace (http://www.sendspace.com/) does exactly what I want. They have a limited free service, but what I require costs the same as paying for web-hosting. Jay Erickson over 7 years ago
  • That is: *WITHOUT* the user logging in. Jay Erickson over 7 years ago

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Would Google Docs work for you?

Answered over 7 years ago by simon
  • Thanks for answering, but Google Docs will not allow an anonymous submission, which I need. Jay Erickson over 7 years ago

Google Docs is a good solution

Answered over 7 years ago by John Joe