I've found a list of supposedly free fonts. One of them says it's "free for personal use". What exactly does that mean? Does it mean I can use it but not sell it, or does it mean I can't use it unless it's on a hobby website. I'm designing a website for a workshop, so any ideas whether I should pass this font.

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I think you'll find that "free for personal use" means not for use as part of a commercial venture. It means you can use it for your personal projects but not for a project from which you make a commercial gain.

No doubt it also means you can't sell it, nor distribute it either.

If in doubt contact the copyright owner and ask. - they may give you an extended licence for a small fee.

Fonts for websites are tricky, in any case - you may design it, but to display it you'll need it as a graphic, rather than as text, which is poor for accessibility. Or you'll need to embed it using one of the many embedding techniques. Embedding a 'for personal use only' font is probably not licensed.

Why not pick a font that is licensed for embedding?

see: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/

and make a font kit for it so it can be embedded with @font-face: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface

Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • I'm glad I asked here. This is all new to me. What does "licensed for embedding" mean? I would also appreciate a link to a good tutorial that shows how to use font this way in my web development. Samvi over 8 years ago
  • Licensed for web use. check the licences at the big font sites. see http://www.miltonbayer.com/font-face/ for how to use @font-face Tony Crockford over 8 years ago
  • some licence info here: http://www.itcfonts.com/About/licensing.htm Tony Crockford over 8 years ago