I'm having many bizarre issues with Opera none of which occur in any other browser including IE6.

If you go to http://www.sydesign.co.uk you'll notice that:

  • the text is getting cut off very slightly at the bottom of each line
  • numbers do not render
  • the jQuery animation on the navigation does not work

Why am I having these issues in Opera and not in any other browser?

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palhmbs 65

The text getting cut off at the bottom of each line is the fault of the font you've chosen - Try setting it to a default font / another more standard font (or use Google's Web Fonts)

Not sure which numbers your referring to... The jQuery nav does work in Opera 11, thing is lots of website users don't regularly keep their browsers up-to-date so you need to implement accessibility features.

Answered over 8 years ago by palhmbs
  • Hmm that's weird - I am using Opera 11 but the animation doesn't work for me. When I say 'numbers' I mean that figures do not display such as '1', '2' etc. For example, at the end of each tweet it says how long ago the tweet was posted but the number does not render. Yes I am using a non-standard font but I don't understand why this font renders fine in every other browser apart from Opera. These font issues are especially strange when you consider the following: if you go to www.sdeyservices.co.uk in Opera you'll see that the font renders fine (this is my test domain). So, why does it work fine at this domain and not at www.sydesign.co.uk? The differences between each website are only very minimal. olivaw over 8 years ago
  • So where do you have the fonts loading from... I think it probably still the fault of the font. - Removing AllerRegular from the font-families under body gives back the 1 as well as fixing the cut off bottom of the line. Try to make your style.css cleaner for the browsers to read - I still think that importing a font file like how google web fonts do is a tidier approach. palhmbs over 8 years ago