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We all know that we should avoid unneccessary nesting. However, we also know that in order to please users and clients we need to create pleasing designs that will require relatively deeply nested structures.

Can anyone offer insights on what impact nested markup structures have on SEO?

Shouldn't a sufficiently-well designed bot be able to drill through deeply nested yet well-formed markup to get to the textual content?

What are the considerations here?


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You are correct that Google, Yahoo, Bing etc will have very sophisticated bots that can get through most nested tags.

Just make sure that the actual content uses the most semantic mark-up, not just the obvious heading tags <h1> etc, but also consider some of the new HTML5 tags designed to highlight to bots what is the content (e.g. <article>) and what is less relevant (e.g. <nav> or <footer>). Here's a list of all the new HTML5 tags.

And as always, pull out all the CSS and Javascript into separate files; if you do all that a few extra tags for presentational purposes will make scant difference.

Answered about 9 years ago by John Catterfeld
  • You seem to be implying that semantic html5 markup offers advantages for SEO. Could you elaborate on that ? bobdobbs about 9 years ago