I'm doing a site for someone and the site is just like a personal site where they show off the cars and stuff like that. What kind of cool stuff could i do the page. I want to make people to go the page and say "WOW", What kind of stuff should I do to the page?

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Hey so if you want to 'WOW' people I recommend you integrate some jQuery into the site.

First thing your gonna need to show off Cars is a gallery of some sort right? Check this out: jQuery Galleries - here are a few examples of some really nice gallerys done with jQuery. Tutorials are easy to follow and if you know HTML/CSS well, you should have much trouble customizing it with a design of your own.

Second what kind of cars are these? Are they new modern racing cars? Or are they old fashion, maybe classics that he/she collects.

Cool Brushes and Patterns for Photoshop that are free to download and could be useful for making a hot design.

Finally do research on other car sites, I found a couple examples:

Good luck and I hope this points you into the right direction.

Answered over 8 years ago by Juan Di Diego

Juan is spot-on with using jQuery - you couldn't ask for an easier tool to create the WOW factor. I'd also recommend fancybox - it has really impressed some of my clients.

Answered over 8 years ago by Matt Cook

Don't skip on the images either. My experience is that good photography really adds to a design.

Answered over 8 years ago by Wander Nauta