Any tips to do faster? I want to convert a blogger theme into wordpress theme.

Does anyone know any tutorial/article on this thing? the blog which i want to convert is this can u suggest any WP theme similar to this which should be converted easily. it is a 2 column blogger theme.

I search on google but haven't found any article to convert blogger theme to wordpress theme.

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danwellman 5600

The two blogging systems are quite different - blogger uses custom template tags such as <$blogbody$> to pull info in, whereas wordpress is based on PHP and uses 'the loop' and custom PHP functions to add blog posts to pages

Building a wordpress theme is pretty straight-forward, you should be able to look at the default theme and just customize it to suit your needs.

This article does not show how to convert directly from Blogger to wordpress, but it does show how to create a custom theme in WP so may be of some help :)

Answered over 8 years ago by danwellman
  • I agree with danwellman. Conversion isn't really feasible. The fastest way would be to look at Blogger and build up the WordPress theme as you go. +1 Abinadi Ayerdis over 8 years ago