I am trying to embed a swf slideshow into an html page using Dreamweaver. Here are all the files in my swf slideshow folder:

  • imageslider.swf
  • index.html
  • slider.xml
  • swfobject.js
  • images (folder)
  • tweener (folder containing as3 transitions)

The swf file works fine when entering in the full URL (http://www.ajendamarketing.com/newsite/banner/imageslider.swf) so it must be a problem with inserting the swf with Dreamweaver. It seems to lose the xml file when inserting the code.

Could anyone tell me how edit my code or give an alternative to Dreamweaver's media insertion?

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I see that the links in the index_8.html page to the flash are: "/www/newsite/banner/imageslider.swf" when it should be "banner/imageslider.swf" since the index_8.html file is inside the "newsite" folder.

Also make sure that the link to this file is correct:

Answered over 8 years ago by adelacreative

I have updated the directory to "banner/imageslider.swf" and it still does not work. I cannot get the banner to preview in Dreamweaver either, so Im not surprised its not showing up on the web. Could it have something to do with the placement of specific javascript files?

Answered over 8 years ago by kellie crye