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Hi, We have a website, where users can create polls and embed them on their website using a javascript code.

However, on blogger, we are unable to use javascript code for the widget at all.

So what should be the method, to create an embeddable widget for blogger? Essentially, what I am hoping for is that users should be able to include a one line code, and put it in their post to include a user poll.

To see our current method, please see this sample poll widget script which embedds our poll on users website.

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JavaScript can be used with Blogger, this article shows how it is done

Answered over 7 years ago by danwellman
  • Thank you. I am trying this code in blogger. It says "An error occured while saving". <div style="float: right; margin: 10px;"> <script type="txt/javascript" src=""></script> </div> jp19 over 7 years ago
  • not sure if this is just a copy paste thing, but its <script type="text/javascript"... probably want to check that, since that may be causing an error. Ktash over 7 years ago
  • Unfortunately no, its not a copy paste bug. Apparently there is a way to create proper widgets on these blogging platforms that I need to learn. jp19 about 6 years ago