I want to use "Comic Sans MS" font in my website, and i am not sure if this good from compatibility point of view or not as i always see websites using just arial, tahoma, ... and its rare to see using "Comic Sans MS", so i afraid it will not work on all browsers and OS.

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This is to add to adelacreative's already superb answer. (Note: 'Comic Sans MS5' is actually just 'Comic Sans MS', the 5 is the superscript in that page to reference to a footnote).

"cursive" is one of the 5 generic font families, namely: serif, sans-serif, monospace, cursive and fantasy.

Most people use 'Comic Sans MS' to get the cursive effect. A good CSS or simply font styling practice is to have font fallback (to the generic family) mechanism just in case the browser OSes do not have the assigned font installed. E.g.:

.className { font-family: 'Comic Sans MS', 'TSCu_Comic', cursive; }
  • "Comic Sans MS" is pretty well supported in non-Windows OS like OSX and is part of the msttcorefonts Microsoft Font Package for Linux.
  • "TSCu_Comic" will be the fallback for some Linux OSes. tscu_comic
  • "cursive" will of course be the generic font family fallback.

Here are a couple of good references:
- The most common cursive fonts for Windows, Mac OS, Linux
- Popular fonts with their Mac OSX, Windows and Linux equivalents

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Some would argue that its not good from ANY point of view to use Comic Sans in your website. ; )

That said, have a look at this table: http://www.ampsoft.net/webdesign-l/WindowsMacFonts.html

Answered over 8 years ago by Dwayne Anderson
  • So, as i understood from the list of fonts in table that i can use "cursive" which is standard on all machines, as i right? Amr ElGarhy over 8 years ago
  • Does "cursive" default to Comic Sans MS on Win machines? I don't know. Also, what is the default for Macs? tahdhaze09 over 8 years ago
  • +1 for subtly suggesting not to use Comic Sans. Comic Sans is the IE6 of the font world ;) danwellman over 8 years ago

In that list the fonts: Comic Sans MS, Comic Sans MS5, cursive mean that:

cursive = font family that those 2 fonts belong to
Comic Sans MS = will be used on PC automatically Comic Sans MS5 = will be used on MACs automatically.

Answered over 8 years ago by adelacreative

If you have doubts, or really don't like the available fallback fonts then don't use the said font. I think it will save your from a lot of trouble in the future.

Typography is everything in the web and you really shouldn't settle for less. Here's a good reference: The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Hope this helps in anyway.

Answered over 8 years ago by voidnothings
  • thanks for very good reference Amr ElGarhy over 8 years ago
da 40

"I want to use "Comic Sans MS" font in my website, and i am not sure if this good...<SNIP>"

No, it's not good.

Answered over 8 years ago by da