I have a website design i'm coding for a client:

I have flash links along the top and right of the page - all work fine when the page is loaded but if you scroll down the page then most or all of the flash links will no longer animate when the mouse hovers on them - if you click on the link then it reactivates (hence I need to click on a link twice for it to work).

This only happens in firefox (although the only other browser i tested it in was ie8). Any solutions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

  • It seems to work for me just fine in Firefox on OS X. Did you find a fix? Rob Nixon almost 10 years ago
  • no, unfortunately still doing it for me. I'm running Windows 7 Anthony almost 10 years ago
  • yeah it works on OSX, may i ask you why you do the menu in flash? That would easily be possible with javascript and i think even with a lesser lag feeling. Marcel almost 10 years ago
  • i dont have much javascript knowledge unfortunately. Something I must rectify in the near future... Anthony almost 10 years ago
  • Anthony, I'm using Windows 7 as well. What version of Firefox are you using? Could it be that you're running off an older cached version? Rob Nixon almost 10 years ago

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Marcel 57

What happens if somebody don't have flash installed or somebody visit the site by the iPhone, i mean it could be useful to call the mobile mechanics if you're stuck somewhere, well over the iPhone you could get the infos, if you could navigate.

if you use flash navigation you should at least put some simple html navigation in replace to the flash, when somebody visits the site without flash.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Marcel