On the following page: www.peopleperhour.com/pph_economy.php there is a map of the UK with a significant number of polygon imagemap areas defined (i.e. <area shape="poly"...). A jquery plugin is used to highlight each area when the user hovers their mouse over it.

Unfortunately, the map doesn't work in Firefox (v3.6) on Linux because it is too slow - the whole browser starts to stutter. The same page works fine on Firefox in Windows! The page is also fine in IE 7&8 and Chrome in Windows and it works in Chrome on Linux.

Why is Firefox slow on Linux? What is the technical reason? I would have thought it would be the same speed on Windows and Linux (if not faster on Linux)?

  • I just upgraded to Firefox 3.6 on Win Vista Ultimate 32-bit and it's being really slow and get stuck now as well. I have to minimize the window via right-click on the taskbar button and then restore it before I can navigate hyperlinks/tabs/menus again... very very strange bug. I'd expect 3.6.1 to solve these issues here shortly. Gary Hepting over 9 years ago

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Hm, your problem is really interesting.. First, I thought it was the layout engine's fault (Gecko), because WebKit browsers (Epiphany and Midori) on my Linux machine opened up your page just fine.. But, now I think Javascript is what's bugging the Firefox, not the image-maps, because when I

  1. disabled JS,
  2. opened up your page,
  3. enabled JS and
  4. refreshed your page

..your dynamic map worked just fine, just as in a WebKit browser. I'd suggest trying the rollover effect with something other that jQuery..

Answered over 9 years ago by ??????? ??????
  • Thanks for answering. Yes, the page is fine if I remove the maphilight jquery plugin that handles the rollover effect. I think I'll conditionally remove the rollover for Firefox+Linux seeing as it is not necessary functionality (only an "effect"). But what I really want to know is why is Firefox on Linux slow at executing Javascript? Tom Fotherby over 9 years ago
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It could be a problem with firefox, the way the page is made (although it looks alright), or your system itself (unlikey but possible). If it is a problem with firefox it could be the build, an add-on, or misconfiguration. You could try filing a bug report at bugzilla

Answered over 9 years ago by danwellman