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I am not sure why but on my work PC, (work from home) my page renders as attached, but on my sons PC it renders fine, both running the same version of Firefox 3.1.13?? I'm no web genius but i cant figure this out. Can anyone help in plain English. Saw a previous post where someone was having similar trouble in IE8 but they mentioned "could be a rounding problem" but i have no idea what that is.

Website is but will most likely show OK in your browser?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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Wow a simple reset to the zoom view and its fixed. Thankful, i can now advise anyone with viewing issues of my site to reset their zoom, thank you again! I do notice that on zooming out it goes wrong again, so if i change the numbers you mention then this will fix it, thanks for you extremely prompt reply.!

Answered about 7 years ago by Neil Rhodes
danwellman 5600

Is the zoom level on Firefox on your work PC set to something less than 100%? Try resetting the zoom level (View » Zoom » Reset) and see if it snaps back into place.

If so, you can prevent this from happening (until you reach extreme levels of zoom) by changing the width of writtencontent div to 738px (it's currently 739).

This would be known as a 'rounding error' because when zooming, the browser has to calculate the width of the element based on an odd number. At some zoom levels the width will be rounded up, which will make the box too wide for its container and it will cause layout issues

Answered about 7 years ago by danwellman