Marcel 57

Shouldn't FF3.5 support @font-face? At least mozilla promotes hard about it, but seems that it doesn't do it that serious: In Safari, IE, Opera the <li> elements in the Post-It Menu do show a Handwritten Font, called Desryel. But Firefox don't, but there are all fonts in the folder, even svg and woff.

I really start to hate Firefox, most problems in Developing i always have in IE6/7 and Firefox!

Anybody an Idea?

The @font-face CSS:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'Desyrel Regular';
    src: url('desyrel.eot');
    src: local('Desyrel Regular'), local('Desyrel'), url('desyrel.woff') format('woff'), url('desyrel.ttf') format('truetype'), url('desyrel.svg#Desyrel') format('svg');
  • I'm seeing the text in Desyrel Regular here Firefox 3.5.5, Windows Vista. Olly Hodgson almost 10 years ago
  • Thanks! It doesn't show on FF3.5.5 on Mac here! Marcel almost 10 years ago

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Marcel 57

Seems that Firefox and other gecko Browsers don't do @font-face right if it's in a Mootools animated div! How could that be? Second time now, FF doesn't do @font-face, on another site, still valid CSS3. Must be a bug in Firefox i can't imagine something other. Oh well maybe they will fix it in the next beta Version! :wicked:

Answered almost 10 years ago by Marcel
Rob 230

The woff format won't be supported till 3.6 in FF and .eot is only used in IE. If you are having problems with IE6/7 and FF exclusively, I question your workflow. Also, your CSS does not validate.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Rob
  • What exactly do you know about my Workflow dude? And yes, border-radius is not valide, and that hurts FF? It's a FF element! the css for the @font-face comes directly from so @font-face is not valid or what? Marcel almost 10 years ago
  • BTW @font-face is CSS3, check the Site with CSS3 and it's completely valide! So if FF3.5 supports @font-face, it should support that piece of CSS3! Better check, before u use the evil tongue! Marcel almost 10 years ago
  • Yes, apparently I was hasty looking at the validatation but I stand by the rest of my comment. Rob almost 10 years ago
  • What rest of your comment? What should be wrong with my workflow? because i'm not developing with Firefox? ttf is there so FF should be able to use it, IE6/7 do work well too... I can handle critique if it is constructive, but by only questioning my workflow i can't see what you mean, do you suggest not to use CSS3? Marcel almost 10 years ago
  • Well, there you go. You just confirmed my suspicions that you are using IE as your initial test and not FF. You also state IE6/7 work well yet all versions of Internet Explorer are the worst browsers on the planet and should NEVER be used as an initial test for how things work. IE is almost 12 years behind all other browsers in modern standards and practices despite anything you might have read on a forum somewhere. Always, always use a modern browser (ANYTHING but IE) to initially test your markup. THEN look to see if/when IE screws things up. But the quirks and bugs in IE are well known, as are the hacks to fix it. Rob almost 10 years ago
  • Are you kidding? IE? never! no, that was just a bad example for FF if IE can doe something better! Well, there you go, you don't know nothing about my workflow. I use Safari / Webkit for initial testing, and then i have a look from time to time on FF, and at last wehn everything is ok, IE gets its own stylesheet. And yes i use always a modern Browser! hey i'm on a Mac! and to me webkit Browsers are much more modern than gecko, because Safari and other webkit Browsers feature things not until they do it right. But Firefox is permanently in a Beta status, that also why I get nearly each time i start FF a update or some crap. Marcel almost 10 years ago