I created these image rollovers to drive a slidedeck (jQuery based extension), they work in Mozilla and WebKit, but they fail miserably in IE (only working when you move the mouse down, not back up). Can anyone clue me in how to correct it for IE?

Creating this was my first real foray into JS, and simultaneously pretty complicated overlapping box model objects that I'm sure I maybe screwed up... so any help cleaning it up would be appreciated.

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It is a CSS issue.

One problem seems to be the positioning of the span elements. It can be fixed like this:

#opp_imap a:hover span, #opp_imap a:hover span img { top: 0 !important; }

The other one is the transparent area of the PNGs. It can be fixed by applying a spacer GIF to the link:

#opp_imap a { background: url(spacer.gif); }

Not very elegant but it works fine in IE 7.

Answered over 8 years ago by Thomas Jaggi
  • Thank you! This has had me stumped for months (IE continues to baffle me, but slowly I'll learn it's quirks) Jon Brown over 8 years ago