I'm working on an html email and the logo in the top right corner should be right-aligned (works in Firefox). The email compatibility tests are coming back great. When opening in IE7, however, the logo appears in the middle of the header.

Does anyone know why? Any help would be much appreciated.


<img src="http://syndication.atlantic-media.us/GE_marketing/Events/images/GE1_logo.png" width="184" height="90" alt="Government Executive Media Group Logo" align="right" />

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I'm not sure about this, without seeing the full source code (if it is online, be sure to add it to your question and Litmus will do a screenshot of it along with your code).

One thing I would recommend is not to use 'align="right"' as this has been deprecated. Try to use a stylesheet, e.g.:

 img.logo {float:right;}

(You would have to give the image a class of 'logo')

Answered about 10 years ago by Shaun Robinson

Ahh, I did not realise you were doing an HTML email.

As much as I hate tables, this might be a time to use them in order to achieve the same look in all email clients - I'm not sure many of them support 'float' even if that is the best solution.

Answered about 10 years ago by Shaun Robinson

It's the width="496" attribute on line 93. Couple other hints, too, from a guy who has done way too many HTML emails:

  1. Webmail clients strip out everything before and including <body> so all of your <style> rules have to be inline
  2. Most email clients ignore the doctype so if you want consistency, test in quirks mode
  3. Some webmail clients strip out style attrs on text elements, so the safest way to markup text is <font attr="value" style="rule: value;">lorem...</font> with your preferred look done with the inline css and a safe fallback in the old font tag attributes
Answered about 10 years ago by Daniel Ryan


The newsletter can be viewed here: http://syndication.atlantic-media.us/GE_marketing/Events/2009Events/Reform_DeputySecretaries.html

Answered about 10 years ago by Gopika Prabhu