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I have just tested my website on firefox and it looks good, but when my teacher checks it on his firefox, it looks out of shape. Does he need to update his browser?? The only problem with my firefox is the hyperlinks where the underline crosses the writing, any ideas on how to fix that??

  • code? URL to demo page? what firefox versions? Tony Crockford over 9 years ago
  • Indeed, with no info we cant help you either. Menno Geelen over 9 years ago
  • Why do you have this encased in a table? Kyle Sevenoaks over 9 years ago
  • I'm using firefox 3.0.10 version but I'm not about my teacher, it looks old though...please forgive me I have just joined this site so am just getting to understand how it works...I posted the code when I posted the question, am not sure where it went... Mell over 9 years ago

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To fix the rollover menu, delete the position:absolute; you have. Not sure about the blue lines, looks like some <p> border or something.. I'd suggest re-making the site with no tables and proper markup.

It seems that when you use the <font> tag, it messes up the layout, the font tag has been deprecated in the HTML standard, so this is probably what's going on, set a font-family in CSS to make this display properly.

Hope all that helps!

Answered over 9 years ago by Kyle Sevenoaks
  • The thing is that I need to have a table. I have deleted the position:absolute; It looks great on Chrome but firefox is a little bit sad with the lines for the links. Any ways of fixing it? Mell over 9 years ago
  • Thank you Kyle, I got rid of the font tags and it worked, much appreciated! Mell over 9 years ago