I'm using Font Awesome on a clients website using the straight up CSS implementation - no LESS or SASS. Using Adobe Browserlab I noticed that the fonts aren't rendering using IE8. Every other browser (IE7, IE9, Chrome, Safari, & Firefox) work.

The Font Awesome Github page works fine in Browserlab but my implementation does not.

Here is a screenshot of IE8 (not working) IE8 - Not Working

Here is a screenshot of Safari (working) Safari - Working

Is there some sort of conflict that I'm not aware of?

  • Can you post your code and possibly a link to the page in question? IE relies on the .eot format of the font files and to confirm a hunch, I would need to investigate if that is being referenced properly, if there is a 404 code being returned for the http request for that resource, etc. Gary Hepting over 5 years ago