I have a login page that I need to notify the user when they put in the wrong user name and password. I can handle all the validation stuff, but my question is what colors should I use that will grab the user's attention that something is wrong and says "Look at me!"? I posted an example of the colors I currently have. The background is the color I have to use, but I need to know what color to change the textbox background and the error message to. I need the colors to look professional and go with the background color.

I've attached my example website.

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danwellman 5600

Both styles look ok and both make the fields stand out, although the field with the background-color applied to it stands out more

I'd be tempted to change the border-color of the field that has the background-color applied to it; I'd go with a red instead of a grey, but darker than the background-color...

[disclaimer] I'm a developer not a designer ;)

Answered about 8 years ago by danwellman
  • What about the message text color? The red doesn't really go with the background color. guanome about 8 years ago