Encouraged by the Curved Corner .htc "hack" for Internet Explorer CSS3 rounded borders and CSS3 Pie's decorations what other HTC "hacks" are there for Internet Explorer to ease cross-browser issues?

  • do they really have to be .htc? Andy Ford almost 8 years ago
  • Well the rest can be better served by lesscss mixins or JavaScript "patch and mend" with images. The HTC class of hack seems to be more usable and intuitive to apply. Beech Horn almost 8 years ago

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You can try out fetchak's CSS3 HTC , although I find it doesn't always work for things like box-shadow and text-shadow, regardless of the fact that the author says it does. It's doing some fairly fancy conversions using a canvas-like feature (I think it's VML?), though, so only add it to the selectors that really really need it. In other words, if you go * { behavior: url(ie-css3.htc); } it takes a good long while for the page to be ready. But that goes for any HTC hacks.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Paul d'Aoust

There's also http://css3pie.com. Sounds like a very similar package to what Paul suggested.

Answered almost 8 years ago by albion01
  • It's mentioned in the question though. Beech Horn almost 8 years ago