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I am working on a site on hindi movies, where I am trying to embedd an iframe (which has an embedded flash movie) in a page.

Please see: this page with the movie

In google chrome, the movie displays perfectly as I want it to. However, in Firefox or IE, the iframe is too small, and there is a scroll bar to the right of the movie which I do not want.

How can I make the movie display like in Google chrome?

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You didn't close the iframe element. You are using the XHTML transitional DOCTYPE. All tags must be closed. In the case of the iframe element it should close like this:


Additionally, you set the height to 100%. Why not change that to a definite height like 410px instead?

<iframe  src='embedd_youtube?url=lGDbgCaCHMw' style="height:410px; width:100%; border:0px" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

Play with the height until it fits how you want it without having the scrollbar show up. Also, the "src" attribute seems a little odd to me. I feel like it should be a full URL starting with

Answered about 8 years ago by Abinadi Ayerdis
  • thanks.. put the closing `</iframe>`, but that doesnt fix. Yes, hardcoding should fix it, if nothing else works, will do that. jp19 about 8 years ago