I don't typically do any graphics work but I slice up PSD's fairly often. I've found that I am just as happy with the GIMP as Photoshop for most of what I do but I can't find a reliable way to extract out font names from PSD's so I end up asking a friend. Does anyone know a simple tool to extract font names from a PSD?

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The font name is listed in the "character" box inside [square brackets] if you use the mover/layer tool to select it, or click it in the layers panel.

By the way, this is a website design (HTML/CSS etc) site, so posting questions about graphic design might get you into trouble, I realise Photoshop is an integral part of web design and am happy to help, but questions might not get answered or might get closed.

Hope this helps!

Answered almost 8 years ago by Kyle Sevenoaks