Ok, so first off, I'm a noob.

I recently put together my own site using Dreamweaver (and various tutorials) to try to get everything working. So far I've got IE and Firefox on board, but I can't get LightBox to work in Chrome and Safari correctly.

The problem page: http://thepaulemerson.com/photos.html

The user should be able to click a picture on the iPhone which should engage the LightBox script and show the photo (of course). I'm pretty sure that the problem lies with the fact that I am using an image map, although FF and IE don't take issue with it.

Please help! Thank you in advance! :)

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I'm sure this isn't the answer you want, but you really shouldn't be using image maps in any new work.

Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan Duran
PaulyE 0

Haha! Well- I really don't know what I'm doing :) Just needed something basic and didn't want to drop a ton of dough. It worked for most browsers at least..?

Answered over 9 years ago by PaulyE
  • Are you using an image map because the page is on a slight angle? Marko Ivanovski over 9 years ago
Kau-Boy 110

On my Chrome (5.0.375.38 beta on Windows7) it works. I would say, that it's not a problem with the imagemap. But if it doesn't work well with Chrome or Safari on Mac, maybe you can use an alternative to lightbox. There are tons of them and some of them looks even nicer than lightbox. A good overview can be found here: http://planetozh.com/projects/lightbox-clones/

The lightbox you are using is "the grandfather" of all of those clones. And it lacks support of modern browsers. I used Lytebox, but started to use Thickbox now. Shadow Box also is really nice (the correct link is: www.shadowbox-js.com).

I hope that some of the alternatives will help you.

Answered over 9 years ago by Kau-Boy