Hi I am using this jquery slider for my site. I managed to combine it with this easing menu. The problem is the jquery slider is not working like its suppose to. To rotate continuously to the end, then rotate back to the first. Its malfunctioning and just keeps going back to the first image after every image click. I followed the tutorial exactly but still can't find a solution.

This is my site. Please help!

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Hi rascal

Two things:

  • .next() only works on direct siblings. Since your links are nested inside list items, you have to use the following:

    `$active = $('.paging a.active').parent().next().children('a');`
  • $active has to be passed to rotate():

     `rotate = function($active){ ... }`
     `rotateSwitch = setInterval(function(){ ... rotate($active); ... }`
     `$(".paging a").click(function() { ... rotate($active); ... }`

This way it worked on a copy of your site.

Answered over 7 years ago by Thomas Jaggi