I use safari at home, I use internet explorer elsewhere, and my category menu seems to always react differently depending on what browser I'm viewing my page on.

  • Should i just google that script? What's the best way? Kyle R over 9 years ago
  • if you can post your code than we can do it. KC Rajput over 9 years ago
  • Cost? Kyle R over 9 years ago

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The only way to make a page look exactly the same in every browser is to just make it one big image. Different fonts, text rendering systems and display profiles will always be working against you no matter how cross browser your styling and markup is.

Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan Duran

A start will be to create your site with W3C best practices in mind. Those are the accepted standards which browsers should strive to follow. That is truly "cross-browser" script. Some browsers miss a few things here and there, but are mostly the same.

Your real problem is with Internet Explorer. Although it is widely used, I don't really think of it as able to natively handle web pages. Fortunately, there are many ways to trick IE into acting like a real web browser. Do a Google search for "IE hacks" to get the idea of what you are up against.

Basically, build your page to work in Safari and most other browsers will see it mostly the same. For anything that IE does differently, come back here and ask us how to get IE to do it right. Include your code so that we can tell you the right hack to use.

Answered over 9 years ago by kainosnous
KC Rajput 178

hi, you should use cross browser css or script. if you have any problem in this you can post your code like Html, css, etc here. hope we can make this possible according any browser.

sometimes its happen that we are using css or html have fault. some example IE6 does not define position, margin-bottom or margin-left, right may take double. so like every browser have some default properties.

Answered over 9 years ago by KC Rajput
  • Should i just google that script? What's the best way to learn this cross browser script? I use Big Cartel for my clothing line. www.BreakawayINK.com Kyle R over 9 years ago

learn css and master it, there's no shortcut way of attaining what you seek,

I would stay away from hacks as much as possible. Because potentially, those hacks might give you headaches on future browsers, because they are hacks. You may however use the <!--[if IE 6]> comment to seperate styles and script for IEs. That's a more standard way to battle IE oddities.

Are you a mac btw? If so, upon checking your site the category menu looks the same, its probably the font rendering in mac that's why it looks different in your safari browser :)

Answered over 9 years ago by cssrockstah