When I initially put these Flash maps in - using the object call that Dreamweaver uses to embed .swfs - they would print everywhere but Firefox, which would display a big empty space on the paper or in the preview. Then after an automatic FF upgrade, any attempt to print or even print preview would simply crash the browser.

After some poking around, I decided to try removing the wmode parameter from the code entirely. This not only solved the Firefox crash problem, but now .swfs would print as well.

Only problem... after that Safari would no longer print the maps, displaying instead that aforementioned empty space. In fact, no matter what I do now - even putting the original wmode parameters back in - Safari gives me no .swf on print or preview.

So clearly I mucked something up here, and I'm out of ideas. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Matt K.

  • can you post the code you're using? kemie almost 9 years ago

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I am using SwfObject to embed Flash elements and they show up in Safari in print preview.

Read through the documentation and you will find it is pretty easy to set up. Call the swfobject.js file above where your Flash will show up and then place the SwfObject embed code with the path to your swf. The code is more simple than what Dreamweaver gives and it will work across all browsers.

Answered over 8 years ago by Artistic Abode