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I have a site that uses a large form with several tables and many fields. It displays properly in Firefox and Safari, but has two glaring issues in IE7 and IE8:

You can see the page here:

The Live Nativity table in the bottom right does slides down about four inches in IE7 and IE8.

In addition there is a break between the background image and the background color which displays a horizontal line about 1/2 inch tall.

The HTML is way too complex to display here so viewing the source is the best option. I could really use some help for this.


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Mottie 1134
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It looks like the width of #live is 2 pixels too wide... if you change this:

#live {
 width: 496px;

it will shift up... the reason it was shifted down is because it is floated to the right of #nativity which ends right where the top of the #live currently is shown in IE but because it's slightly too wide, it moved it below the bottom of #nativity. I hope I made that clear.

Answered almost 9 years ago by Mottie
  • Thanks for the help. Worked perfectly. fmz almost 9 years ago