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I have some divs that I'm trying to arrange into a layout. and they aren't behaving very well with content in them.


in browser

  • screenshot in browser is http://i42.tinypic.com/11mg8b8.jpg A.T about 9 years ago

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I think I've figured it out.

.clear { clear:both; line-height:1px;

and the html right before the nav

<div class="clear"></div>
Answered about 9 years ago by A.T

Is that a design view of Microsoft's Expression? Always preview your sites in a browser (preferably Firefox, and see if it's any different. Don't trust any design views, especially MS. I use Adobe's Dreamweaver, but never trust the design view.

If there are still problems, please post up some code so we can help you out a bit better. Without being able to see your HTML markup, it's a bit difficult to give you help :)

But from looking at your CSS, I wonder why you're using display: inline; on your .grid1, .grid2,.grid3, grid4, .grid5, This will turn them into elements that won't act lke normal divs but like spans. Inline elements are usually used for text formatting or similar.

Hope some of this helps, also try to post up the HTML for us to see :)

Answered about 9 years ago by Kyle Sevenoaks
  • I added links to the html. ( I tried to add it in the post, but it didn't retain the tags) The reason i included the design view screenshot is because that's how I want it to look. I removed the "display:inline;" and it didn't change anything :( A.T about 9 years ago

You're gonna have to explain the purpose of this page, because I'm playing with your code a bit and I can't figure out what it is you're trying to do. Looks like perhaps you're not really clear on how to make use of float behavior.

You named all your divs as gridX, which to me suggests that you might be trying to create tabular data, in which case you would simply use a table.

But, I need more information as to what the final result is that you're aiming for.

Answered about 9 years ago by Dave Coykendall
  • Thanks for the answer, but I figured it out. I was transforming a 960.gs grid system down to the layout I needed. A.T about 9 years ago