I used the method described in this article to get my footer down.

Worked beautifully, except it floats ~3 pixels above the bottom of the page: screenshot

How can I fix that?

Full HTML: http://nclabs.org/index.php
Full CSS: http://nclabs.org/includes/layout-global.css
IE-only CS: http://nclabs.org/includes/ie.css

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Sisira 95
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If you change the the bottom margin of "content id" to "0", then hopefully it will work for you. Please see the following style for the changed value.

 #content {
margin:1em auto 0;
padding:1em 1em 4em;
Answered over 7 years ago by Sisira
  • That worked, I completely forgot about that. Thanks! nightcracker over 7 years ago
  • Elegant and accurate. Nice answer. +1 Abinadi Ayerdis over 7 years ago