I am trying to get shadow around a div using 3 images- the top shadow, the repeatable middle part and the bottom shadow. But the problem is that their is a white line between the top shadow and repeatable middle part. Same with the bottom part. Please see the link : http://spats.in/naya11/ .There is no problem with the images. The total shadow effect should be seamless but it is not.

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Sisira 95

I have seen the web page. I think the problem is not in CSS, rather it may the the problem of the image cropping. Actually the bottom shading of the image and top shading of the bottom image is lighter then the shading of the main content area. So you can modify the image and crop according to ur requirement. Hope this would resolve the issue.

Answered over 7 years ago by Sisira
  • No...the images are fine. I've checked them. Also the divs surrounding them do not have any borders. Aakash Bhowmick over 7 years ago