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Hi, I am about to build my first e-commerce site. I haven;t really played around a lot with e-commerce sites in the past but I have experience with other CMS systems like Wordpress, EE, ec.

So what CMS would you recommend for a beginner? I was thinking of choosing Magento cause I hear it's pretty robust bbut I have also heard nightmare stories about it

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For a beginner in e-commerce, I would actually recommend using a hosted service in order to avoid security issues. My favorite is Shopify since they keep their admin interface light, and also have an excellent templating language.

Answered about 8 years ago by Joshua Clanton

I agree with Joshua, I would go with a hosted solution. But if you insist on hosting it yourself I would not go with Magento, its a real pain to customise and very bulky. Before I recommend e-commerce software would you mind telling us how many products do you need to sell? Do you expect lots of buyers? What kind(s) of product(s)? Etc, etc. This information needs to be considered when finding the perfect e-commerce software for you.

Answered about 8 years ago by Mjallen