I am looking for a Web annotation site that does not require a plugin, as most such tools do. I am thinking of a website in which you can create an account and then annotate arbitrary websites, without the copyright issues involved in copying their content.

Other users can browse to your account in the annotation site and see the marked-up pages (e.g. in an IFRAME) along with your comments.

I don't mind installing a plugin myself, but those who browse to my account should be able to do that without any installation.

If this annotation tool has some super-convenient way to embed it in my own website, all the better, but I don't mind linking out to it.

  • I can't help much, but I think providing what server side language you are using would help. Also, I found this web site a while back that saves highlighting (http://www.awesomehighlighter.com/). Maybe you can contact the web master and get some idea of how they programmed their tool. Mottie over 8 years ago
  • >server side language I am looking for a web service: A Website I can go to and from their annotate any page on the Web. Thanks for the link to awesomehighlighter.com. That is exactly what I need? Just out of interest, do you know of any similar tools so I can do a comparison? But in any case, you gave me what I want. Please, give your response as an answer so I can vote it up. JoshuaFox over 8 years ago

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I recommend Notableapp, works great! I think it will satisfy your main requirements plus you get a bonus when it comes to the site interface- I say its great!

Answered over 8 years ago by voidnothings
  • It's good, though I'd prefer an app that does not copy the original. (I didn't mention that in the original question.) I need to comment on sites I don't own, and want to avoid copyright issues. JoshuaFox over 8 years ago