Kent 0

Hey, Would appreciate if you guys could do an overview of Google Image design. It is cool how they lay out their photos in random order with different sizes, yet still organised. =)

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Ktash 1851

I would recommend Firebug for looking into how other sites get certain things to work. As for Google Images, it looks like it is just a unordered list set to display: inline-block with some server side logic to calculate the necessary margin to vertically center each image in a row. And, like I said, anything else you'd like to find out, I'd recommend exploring with Firebug (or any similar tools that are available for Chome or other browsers)

Answered over 7 years ago by Ktash
  • Not trying to be a copycat here..but am wondering what are the tools/websites available to give us a sense of how a certain site is built? then it would be easier for us to integrate in the idea on our own site..thanks for the answer btw! Kent over 7 years ago
  • Yes, Firebug is probably the best tool I can recommend for investigating how a site is put together. Chrome has a similar tool available by right clicking and selecting 'Inspect Element'. Hope that answers what you were asking. Ktash over 7 years ago