I have completed a site for a client 3 weeks ago - www.mcvitieweston.co.uk (a website for a gallery in the south of England) - and am having trouble getting it listed in google. I have verified it using google's webmaster tools and have also submitted a site map, it also has keys words in the Head tags. In the webmaster tools dashboard the site map has a green tick but under "Indexed URLs" it says "0", at the top of the page it says "Site not indexed". Does anyone know how long it can take to index a site and does anyone have any recommendations for getting to to happen quicker?

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Persuade another site to link to you, preferably a popular one. Obviously google can index their sites any way they want, but in my experience, sites should appear within a week or there abouts, so long as there is a link to them from somewhere else.

Answered almost 10 years ago by mickreiss
  • Agree, the best way to get indexed is to have other well-indexed sites point to you. Google will follow the links from those sites, which it visits regularly, to yours and it will be much more "reputable" than anything you can submit anywhere. Some say submissions are a waste of your time too. Jim Sewell almost 10 years ago

It depends, it can take days or weeks before you can get listed. Sometimes even months. But it usually helps to be a good boy, set up your robots.txt file, set your sitemap, submit both the sitemap and the site to the most popular search engines, write good page-titles and nice urls and be patient.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Tom-Marius Olsen

Go to your Sitemap Account/Site Configuration/Settings and increase Google's crawl rate of your site. In my experience, Google will hit your site much faster and more consistently over time.

Answered almost 10 years ago by songdogtech
  • In general, Google will crawl when it feels like it. The crawl rate settings are more of a "leave me alone - you're killing my bandwidth/performance" type of setting. Jim Sewell almost 10 years ago