I'm familiar with wordpress and cakePHP; however, I'm building a small community website (hobby) that allows users to post music sheet (pdf/image) or guitar tabs ( text files). These music sheets should be organized by artists and songs. I've already built my own cms, but I'm not looking forward to maintain it as i'm scared I won't have the time.

An example of this would be ultimate-guitar.com . Not the whole site, just the way they display tabs and stuff

I posted a 1 month old build for you guys to see what i've done here. the site for the most part works, but as i said, I'm scared that i won't be able to maintain it.

Are there any music publishing plugins for drupal and wordpress (I haven't seen any personally)? I'm open to other suggestions and comments as well so please feel free to mention them

EDIT: As I said, this is not the latest build, i haven't gotten around to uploading it. IT saves most of the issues

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Is the question about formatting the tab? If so, could you not add onto your cms and allow users to submit the data themselves in a simple tab-builder type thing?

I haven't seen any plugins like that, but I haven't been in the market for such a thing either.

Answered about 10 years ago by Ben Shoults