The height of the select box of my app is not consistent between firefox and chrome/safar. I like the height as shown in firefox. I tried a few options but nothing works. Does anyone have a fix for chrome/safari?

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You might want to look into the CSS3 box-sizing property

You need a vendor prefix for it to work at the moment and not all browsers support it, but I guess you have to live with that.

Without box-sizing there's no painless way to make styled input boxes and submit buttons line up across browsers either, I think. File uploads and selections may still present some trouble as well.

PS: While we're talking form woes: please remember to style both the text color and the background color if you specify either of them. Though most people already do this for elements further upstream, almost nobody seems to notice that inputs override rather than inherit, so I'm currently typing this in a grey-on-grey textarea.

Answered about 9 years ago by Alan Plum