I am familiar with CSS and HTML and also I saw some tutorials about converting PSD to HTML / CSS. like this.
Now I have a PSD template that I want to convert it to an HTML/CSS page.
Its picture of mentioned template enter image description here
Now I am confused.I don't know where to slice and convert to PNG images.
For example Top black 404 , Should I convert it to PNG Image and putting on website ? Or I have to write it self with same font? Also about the Text error that placed under top page 404.
Should I slice and Save background as picture and putting it on the background of page?
I am a bit confused please share your experiences.

  • A designer will be able to comment on this more, but in my experience, unless you keep things a static size, you're going to have a lot of trouble slicing that up to size dynamically because you have a lot of strictly sized pieces and images (like the background). Ktash almost 8 years ago

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Pet 10

Hi This is actually pretty easy. At least the way I would do it is. So you have your background image, the paper. First you want to hide the layers and slice that bad boy out. I would set it as a back ground image of the container div. Looks like it would be fine as a gif but you may want to do a jpg. Whatever looks best and is the smallest file. Then the 404 error looks like special text so you will want to png it. As well as your search input background and the search button, bullets icons ect... The rest of your font looks like regular text, you sould be able to just place them in divs or if you are old school throw a table together for placement.

Happy Slicing!!

Answered almost 8 years ago by Pet