Is there any way to modifiy the 'anythingSlider' tool (located here: such that the numbered navigation can be replaced with button links in your site header?

I have the timed scrolling implemented properly, but I'd like the customer to be able to click on any of the corresponding links and scroll to his page of choice on demand as well. Would I have to implement a coda-slider in conjunction with the 'anythingSlider'? This tool doesn't seem very fit for heavy navigation modification....

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Yes, absolutely. It supports links to specific slides from static text links. You just have to set it up like their examples shows.

So you could have these hyperlinks in your HTML:

<a id="nav1" href="#" title="View Slide #1">Slide #1</a>
<a id="nav2" href="#" title="View Slide #2">Slide #2</a>

and then setup the code to set the anythingSlider slide # when these are clicked:

// this makes the anchor with id="nav1" go to slide #1

// this makes the anchor with id="nav2" go to slide #2
Answered over 9 years ago by Gary Hepting

awesome! this helped me out a ridiculous amount... I was so close to achieving what you wrote just there, had a few things mixed around. I appreciate it :)

Answered over 9 years ago by KyleBooth
  • No problem! Glad to be able to help. That's what Doctype is here for! :) Gary Hepting over 9 years ago