Hi Guys, I have recently had a site designed (in Dreamweaver!), using a webcam application in (Adobe Flex). The site also runs as a Facebook app. There appear to be conflicts between the CSS code, FB php etc.. It creates cross browser problems and we cannot sit the app into a frame successfully

It's beyond my web designer and the facebook developer - they blame each other. It works but we need enhancements. We have a very low budget but there's is a chance of further versions. If there's anyone out there, preferably UK based, who understands flex and facebook plugins,has a paypal account(!) and frequently has a an hour or two to spare I'd be thrilled!

  • Can your developers not work together to pair up on the problem? As many know the S.E.P field is only useful when wanting to hide spaceships. Luke Duddridge about 9 years ago

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I'm not sure you'll get the response you're looking for here, this is more a site for specific questions that have specific answers...

A freelancers/projects job board may be more what you need, try here to start: http://www.freelancers.net/

Answered about 9 years ago by danwellman
  • Thanks for that christipping about 9 years ago
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