I designed a layout for our site, www.nodus.bigcartel.com, but it didn't look that great. So I deleted everything and wanted help starting a new one. This site is a good example of some things I would like: http://aniquemichelle.bigcartel.com/home They have a border around their site and their background is fixed. Also, there is a shadow under the border which is really neat. And they have a navigation bar under their logo. Of course, we don't want our layout to look exactly like theirs but just have the same aspects. Could someone help by sending some codes and tips on how to get these features ^?

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o.k.w 2355

Why don't you view the source of that 'model' site and figure out some clues from there? You can also use developer tools like firebug to view the outline of each element visually.

Not asking you to copy of course, but you can have a general/good idea of how they layout the design and how images are used etc.

For example, this is the background used: Background

Ok, I shall not reveal more here :P

Answered almost 10 years ago by o.k.w
  • Thanks! Firebug is actually a nice tool to help me look at the source and check out the site's features. However, I'm still having difficulties getting the navigation menu under the logo. A-Rod almost 10 years ago
  • The top navigation is hover effect is created using standard Dreamweaver method. That is just one of many options, you can always start with a not-so-fancy one first while you are learning the tricks. o.k.w almost 10 years ago