And also i need RGB values of 20% tint of color blue,20% tint of color green,20% tint of color orange

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I make 20% red to be 250,213,229 in rgb

20% blue would be 199,234,251

20% green would be 204, 231, 211

20% orange 254,208,158

This tool may help if you need to convert more colours :D

Answered almost 10 years ago by danwellman
  • Thanks a lot for the answer, is there is any difference for 20% tint of red and 20% red Sreekanth Mamidi almost 10 years ago

I'm more of a math geek than an art geek, but wouldn't 20% blue be neutral of everything else and +20% blue? IE, 255*20%= 204 so the color would be 204,204,255 - it looks blue to me but I know you can't go by looks sometimes?

I put the 199/234/251 into Photoshop and it says it's 20% cyan and I would think 20% blue would have equal red & green. Am I wrong?

For green it would be 204/255/204

For orange, CSS says orange is FFA500 and I put that into PS and set saturation to 20% and got FFEDCC which seems right, again, unreliable eyeballing but it makes sense to me. This last method also confirms the 204/255 ratio above.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Jim Sewell