I have strugle with this problem about 2 days and can't find solution. My problem is on IE6 and IE7 when I hover my menu the hover background menu can't dissapear when roll out.

I use Jquery for the menu. Here is site link and screenshot


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Behzad 20
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It seems the .PNG hack is causing the problem.
it's very hard to find the real problem because this hack add/modify many things.
the first and simple option is you ignore IE6 as a browser and don't support it :) a few people are using it already.
the other option is using .jpg for the menu background! you use image for menu, so it can done simply with adding green bg to the image.
although DD_Belated is a good one, you can try Supersleight and pngFix. maybe they don't make this problem.

Answered over 8 years ago by Behzad
irawan 0

Hi Benzad, thanks for your answer. yes you're right PNG hack causing the problem. i will try your suggestion with Supersleight or pngFix.


Answered over 8 years ago by irawan