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I have this little problem with a site in IE8. There is a menu, with subitems. There is a hover on those subitems.

But in IE8, the hover only works when you scroll from then from the outside. When you move your mouse from one item to the next, the hover effect is not visible. When you move your mouse out of the menu, and the on the item, the hover effect shows.

Is this a problem with IE8, or is this solveable?

Website: http://www.icinlp.nl/v2/

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You should probably clear up the validation errors first - you have some missing end tags and some mismatched tags in the menu it seems.

in my version of IE8 you're missing the main page background too - looks like container div isn't closed or badly nested.

Validate first, then bug hunt on valid code (if the bug is still there!)

Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford