I have a page where I need to float 2 divs. In the left div, i have an UL with dynamically created urls. With float in the style, the urls are not active in FF. The same code works fine in IE. Can someone give me the solution to work in FF.

here is the relevant code

<div  class="main" style="float:left;height:400px;width:300px;">
<<SPAN class="titles"><c:out value="${currentUser.fName}"/>
<br> Current Missions</span>
<ul><c:forEach items="${career.companyList}" var="company">
     <li><a class="done" href="jobPreferenceGame.html?company=${company.id }&curCareer=${curCareer}"> 

When I remove the float:left from the style, the links work fine in FF, but, of course the formatting is not there.

Thanks in advance

  • Can you show all of the generated source, not the pre-processed source, and the rest of the CSS, there's no reason why your code above wouldn't work, so there must be something else... e.g. what is the style declaration for .done ? Tony Crockford almost 9 years ago
  • Yes, run your page in the browser, than open firebug or just show us exact source code Nikita Sumeiko almost 9 years ago
  • i think you have a prob with your span tag... check by removing one of the double < aadravid over 8 years ago
  • Is this site live anywhere? My guess is that some part of a div is technically covering your links- IE would allow a click-through in some cases (which is actually a bug, not a feature), other browsers to not allow clicking through a div, even if it is transparent. Josiah Sprague over 8 years ago

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Sisira 95

This may be due to unwanted "<<SPAN" this tag

Answered over 8 years ago by Sisira