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It seems like IE7 is the number one issue I have to resolve lately.

On this page the footer cuts off on the right and the horizontal scroll bar is active. It works fine in any other browser but is wonky in IE7.

I would paste the html and css but it seems odd to paste the entire page.

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Do you have anything on the pages that might trigger the bug described here:

yep, you do...

A whole bunch of 'em

The last one I tried the fix on was this:

<span class="strength">strength...experience...understanding</span> </div>

(in the header div)

add overflow:auto to it and your problem should go away...


Answered almost 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Brilliant. Problem solved. Thank you. fmz almost 9 years ago
KC Rajput 178


 `width:100%;` in html tag in css.
try this
Answered almost 9 years ago by KC Rajput
  • I tried it but it does not change it. Any other ideas? fmz almost 9 years ago
  • can you take the 100% widths of html and body? Tony Crockford almost 9 years ago
<script type="text/javascript"><!--Google Analytics --></script>

you have an html comment inside a javascript element. IE7 seems to be adding this alongside the footer, instead of excluding it from the document flow.

try removing the comment, or making it a javascript one instead (Multi line comments start with /* and end with */ Single line comments start with // ), or putting it outside the script element.

NB 100% width is generally translated as 100% of the viewport, and if there's a scroll bar, scrolling right takes you past the viewport, hence cutting off the footer.

if it's not the script element that's to blame, then look for what else might be making the scroll appear by taking html chunks out one at a time...

Answered almost 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Hi Tony, I removed the script comment combo and still have the problem. I'll look further. If you see anything please let me know. thanks! fmz almost 9 years ago