this guy was asking for 50 html templates to be made. what are html templates?

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I assume he means that he wants you to create a bunch of web pages that he can then stick his own content into. He really needs to provide more information than that, though, to be useful (to you and to him). For example, does he wants these pages stored in a database or the file system? How will they be edited? Etc.

Answered about 10 years ago by Michael Todd

Generally templates are files that are to be reused. For example, the pages that displays a particular question uses a specific html template. Your profile page yet uses another specific html template.

Other than that, like Michael has said there needs to be more information before you can really take action.

Answered about 10 years ago by Richard Testani

This could also refer to templates for a CMS, which control how the content in the CMS is displayed. In this case you'll also need to know all about making templates for that CMS, so hopefully he's talking about HTML ones with things like:


As others have said, ask for more information!

Answered about 10 years ago by Oli Studholme