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I create all of my code "by hand" using Notepad++. One feature I like about Dreamweaver, however, is the ability to create a template for a project. That way, I can re-use a large section of code without having to re-type it.

Now, this task is easy enough in Notepad++ (albeit Dreamweaver has the added feature of "locking" the template code so that it is uneditable). The problem arises when I want to make a change to the template. Since the template is not dynamically linked to all of my files, I have to make the change to each page individually. This is tedious and error-prone.

Can I accomplish this feat using Notepad++? If not, is there a particular IDE for Windows that will accomplish this? Note that I'm NOT looking for a WYSIWYG editor.

Lastly, if said IDE is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu--or even two of them), that's an added bonus, but if it works in Windows that might be sufficient.

Thanks! Jeff

P.S. Suggestions such as "use find-replace across multiple documents" and "use php include statements" are not what I'm looking for--I do this already, but it doesn't solve my problem entirely.

  • What language are you coding in? Most have a way of including a file. Matt Cook over 8 years ago
  • Also - why is it that using include statements doesn't work? That's a pretty standard solution. Matt Cook over 8 years ago

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I think Aptana supports templates like Dreamweaver...Aptana is the best dreamweaver-replacement out there; it's free, cross-platform, and replicates most dreamweaver functionality as well as adding additional features.

Answered over 8 years ago by danwellman
  • + 1 for supplying a nice Free alternative to Dreamweaver. Jens Hedqvist over 8 years ago